Opening Friday, June 30

How It Works

Bring us digital photos that you want to turn into a beautiful piece of art. Here, one of our photographic printing specialists (a “printmaster”) will work closely with you to edit, enhance and make the photo the best it can be.

NEOMODERN will print from whatever kind of image file you arrive with, but we will be candid about how large and sharp an image can be from your file. A 12 megapixel image, about the full size created from most smartphones after 2015, can be enlarged nicely to 8x10; but the best prints, and photos as large as 13x19, will come from DSLRs and newer smartphones. The truth is that there are many factors that affect the quality of the image and our job is to help figure out how good it can be.

Key to NEOMODERN is this collaborative optimization: we don’t just print the file you give us. Instagram filters or even advanced artificial intelligence cannot do what an printmaster and you can do together—there are so many nuances to making a photo great, and producing a great print, that it can only be done WITH YOUR direct input. It only takes a few minutes, but this is all-important. Great photographers have great printers.


There are only two sizes of frames: smaller ones are 16x20 and larger ones are 20x24. The printing, mounting and matting of smaller prints is $150 and larger prints is $200. Custom image optimization is included.

Framing, however, is optional. Museum quality, UV-protected, wood framing: smaller frames are $45 and larger ones are $95.

We only use UV-protecting glazing in the frames, but the highest quality museum acrylics are Tru-Vision™ zero glare—truly something to see – and a special addition: $75 for small frames and $150 for larger.)

If you work with a printmaster on custom image optimization and end up deciding not to print it (maybe it works better online than on the wall), regardless of size, it’s only $10.