Opening Friday, June 30

Walk in with
your phone.
Walk out with
a framed work
of art. Yours.

pictures of friends

image by michael rubin

NEOMODERN is a new photography experience, a concierge art salon producing museum-quality products for consumers from their personal photos. Walk in and you get your photo optimized by professionals, printed and mounted, and even custom framed, all with your direct participation, and all in under an hour.

While you’re here you’re continuously surrounded by inspiring photography both from peers and from a collection of original masterpieces from modernist photographers like Ansel Adams, Henri Cartier-Bresson and Andre Kertesz.

NEOMODERN is unique. It’s not a print service—you cannot leave with just a print (it’s not great for the photo). And it’s not a frame store—the only works framed are the photos printed there. And it’s not really an art gallery—the photographs on the walls, whether by customers or by famous photographers, are primarily here to illustrate great work and photographic principles. Some gallery pieces may be for sale; the display changes constantly.

It’s not an errand. It’s an activity.

Amish Children Playing in the Snow, Lancaster, PA 1969, by George Tice

Photos on this Page © Michael Rubin, 2017

Great Photographers Have Great Printers

Many famous photographers had printmasters who printed their works. Gifted photographers in their own right, printmasters were experts at manipulating light and shadow to produce beautiful prints from the artist’s images. Our collaboration with you extends a venerable tradition in photography.